STOP 'b' and 'd' Letter Reversals NOW!

Is your child fed up, miserable or just plain confused?
Does he/she keep reversing 'b' and 'd'?
Are you stuck and don't know how to help?

Do you think it might be DYSLEXIA?

Dear Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Tutor, Caring Parent,

Are you concerned that your child or the children in your class are struggling with letter reversals, are they constantly confusing 'b' and 'd'?

Have you tried to help them but you're feeling unsure about how?  Perhaps you have tried various different letter reversal worksheets but they haven't helped?

If this is you, then I know that you're here because you're serious about helping your children overcome their b/d confusion and you'll want to read on to find out how you can help.

My name is Sue Kerrigan. I am a Teacher, Private Tutor and NLP Practitioner.  I am Dyslexic.  Helping children that struggle with learning is a passion of mine because I was one of those children. I struggled at school and I reversed my b’s and d’s all the time, I couldn’t spell that well either and my stories were all of a muddle.  School was a miserable place for me but I got through it having found my own ways of coping with dyslexia.

I put myself through college as a mature student and although I started a teaching degree,

I stayed for 9 months then left.

I couldn’t understand the relevance of anything they were teaching me.  I needed hands on ‘let me have a go’ kind of training, not sit in a classroom for hours learning pure maths… err… I’m sure I was applying to teach children at primary level???  So I switched to a design course where I excelled and got a 1st Class Honours Degree.  (Practical, arty,  hands-on and right brained learning, how could I have possibly failed! :-)

This taught me a valuable lesson about learning and dyslexia.

But my true calling, to become a teacher never left me so I trained privately to become a teacher and NLP Practitioner.  These skills gave me the ability to combine my love of art and design with my passion for teaching to help dyslexic and struggling children learn in a creative fun way to overcome letter reversals and help them cope with their dyslexia.  I currently work in a school for dyslexic children and home tutor.

Over the past year (and with the knowledge I have gained from my 10 years of teaching and 40 years of being dyslexic) I have been creating and testing games, worksheets and activities with three words in mind. FUN, ENGAGING and MOTIVATING.

Now you can help your children too with a little help from Bulldog.

Let me set your mind at rest

Letter reversals are very common
right up to the age of 7 or 8
and sometimes beyond
and whilst it is a sign of dyslexia,


It’s not just children that get confused, adults do too
I still reverse ‘d’ and ‘b’ on occasion, many adults do,
but I have a strategy to remember now, thanks to Bulldog :-)

Why do letter reversals happen?

3 apples

Take for example an apple. Turn it upside down, is it still an apple?
Flip it over, still an apple? With any object you choose,
no matter how you hold it, it will not change what we call it.
From the moment we are born and start focusing,
this is what we learn. Then, when we start to learn to read,
the rules change; ‘d’ if we reflect it, it becomes ‘b’
but we still see it as ‘d’ just like the apple.

No wonder it’s hard!

Let Bulldog help you!

Bulldog Letter Reversals is the uniquely themed package of games, worksheets and kinaesthetic activities pack for children aged 5-12 years. Bulldog is the adorable dog that features throughout this entire pack, helping children to learn and remember the difference between ‘b’ and ‘d’. Introducing your child to Bulldog, will give him / her a strategy to remember the difference between ‘b’ and ‘d’ and in most cases it will resolve the problem entirely and you will have a happy smiling child again.

***Dyslexic children will need little and often practise for long term success and they will learn a memory strategy if they forget**

“My students loved the games and materials! They would ask me ‘Can we play Bulldog again?’ Not only were the games fun for them, but they are confusing b/d far less now, and with more of the games (and flashcards) confusion will soon be a non-issue. The worksheets have also been popular with the children (and parents, for homework). Greatly recommended!”
Debbie Took Primary School Teacher, Henley-on-Thames


The full version:

Bulldog Letter Reversals for dyslexic children 5-12 year olds

OR the condensed version:

Bulldog Letter Reversals for 5-8 year olds

The entire pack contains

  • 8 games (including 5 board games)
  • Colour coded picture and sound level worksheets
  • Word level worksheets
  • Sentence level worksheets
  • Handwriting worksheets
  • Top tips for remembering ‘b’ and ‘d’
  • Posters & Desk Prompts
  • Spatial awareness activities
  • Top Kinaesthetic Activities
  • Laterality (Left/Right activities
  • Over 100 pages of worksheets
  • Print in A4/Letter format for single worksheets
  • Print in A5 booklet format for class work or homework so children can take Bulldog home with them
  • Mix and match booklet pages to create any number of different booklets for added variety (only available in the KS2 and dyslexia pack)
  • DIFFERENTIATE but don’t want to stand out? The mix and match booklets will not single out lower ability children from the rest of the class
  • Suitable to be combined with any phonics learning program.

(counters not included)

Click here to watch the video demonstration
(please be patient if you have a slow internet connection as this is a 10 minute video - click the link and get yourself a cup of tea, sit back and relax)
“Firstly can I just say what a fantastic resource this is and thank you for putting together something much needed and hard to find! I have a Primary 2 class and have within it a few children with b d reversals. In the short time I have been using it, I have noticed a marked improvement and the children find the resources fun and easy to use. They especially like the bright colours and the bulldog character. I showed it to my deputy head who was going to look at buying in more for the school. Keep up the great work. You’re filling a gap that is so important!”
Ms L Duncan - Primary School Teacher. Fife, UK

How To Use Bulldog

  • Use posters and prompts to remember
  • Play the games to practise the memory strategies
  • Progress through worksheets to show they have understood
  • Use multi-sensory activities to reinforce learning
  • Practise little and often for long term success!

“An inspired resource of fantastic easy to follow activities. The Bulldog character appeals to the children, providing an attention grabbing focal point. Through the program there is clear development of skills and abilities.”
Karen White - Learning Support Assistant. Bartley Junior School, Hampshire, UK.
“This is a very useful set of resources. The posters show some different ways that children who confuse the letters b and d can help themselves to remember them, I especially like the new multi-sensory method for remembering.  The worksheets are carefully structured so that the level of support provided is gradually reduced. The games are interesting as they involve strategy. The children say the letter sounds b and d many times without becoming bored because they are focused on winning the games. James, aged 6, said 'I like new games. This one is brilliant because I won two times! I liked putting the counters in a row and winning medals.'”
Jackey Gurney B.Ed Dip RSA SpLD. Hampshire Dyslexia Association, Private Tutor - School Skills Club. Jackey helps dyslexic children improve their reading and writing skills. Eastleigh, UK.
“'Hello there from Sunny San Antonio, TX, USA! I want to say how thankful I am of your nice complimentary packet. I teach dyslexia using the Herman Method (mastery based) and I had two students that could not pass to next level because he could not pass the test that has a lot of b/d words (bib, bed, nib, cud, etc).  I made an intervention with the regular “bed” using their hands, and also we cut foam b's and d's for each of them to swap around and see the distinction of each letter. Nothing, it did not help. This is of course after regular intervention using the method. So I was desperate and ‘googled” dyslexia b/d/ reversals” and I came up with your website.  I was in such urgency that I used the complimentary packet and voila!  It worked at the first trial!   We completed the whole packet in about 1 hr and the girls were like “really???” (2nd grader and 4th grader).  But when they saw it helped them to pass the test they were ecstatic and thankful that they finally pass the test.  So, like we say here in Texas – Howdy friends, Gracias amigos!! Thank you very much for your help.   So…. I showed the program to the reading interventionist and a 2nd grade teacher as well as the principal.   She suggested to buy the downloadable packet if district approves…. if not, I still will get it since is a great resource for now and ever!'”
Mrs. Ramirez, ESL/Dyslexia/504. Glad Tidings Academy, SATX. USA.

Over 100 Worksheets plus Games & Activities:

KS1  Condensed Pack Includes

  • 1 Bulldog Sounds and 1 Bulldog Words Board Game (counters/dice required)
  • Bulldog Bingo
  • 2 Flashcard Games
  • Dominoes Game
  • Colour & Cut for kinaesthetic learning
  • b d reversal worksheets: sound, word and sentence level
  • Tips and ideas for remembering b and d
  • 7 b and d posters to link and reinforce learning
  • Kinaesthetic activities to reinforce learning
  • Desk prompts to help children at their desk
  • Dot to dot spatial awareness worksheets
  • Dotty handwriting
  • Laterality activity to practise left and right
  • Spot the difference worksheets
  • Bulldog Mazes (incl. solutions)
  • Bulldog sequencing worksheets
  • 6 booklets

KS1/KS2 Dyslexia Pack includes all the above plus

  • 3 extra Bulldog words board games
  • 1 extra poster to demonstrate the new memory technique for b and d
  • More kinaesthetic activities to reinforce learning
  • More dot to dot spatial awareness worksheets
  • Another laterality activity for b and d
  • More spot the difference worksheets
  • More Bulldog mazes (incl. solutions)
  • More b / d sentence level worksheets
  • 3 extra booklets: sentences and mix and match

Bonus Games when you buy the KS1/KS2 Complete Dyslexia Pack

  • bdp Dominoes with a twist
  • Happy Families with bdpq
  • Bulldog Rummy (children will love the Joker cards :-))

Why does Bulldog work?

The unique Bulldog theme is linked throughout the entire pack which builds essential memory hooks every single time any resource is used.  This is combined with proven multi-sensory activities to create an engaging, fun and motivating learning environment.

“A fantastic series of activities that ensures progression of learning with my children. The simplistic appearance of each activity is deceptive as each builds into the next stage of development of recognition and skills. Children will fall in love with Bulldog and won't realise they're learning! Teachers and Teaching Assistants will love the series of activities that can be done with support and independently. Very much recommended as an essential classroom resource.”
Mrs Debbie Short Primary Teacher & Year 3 Head of Learning and Standards Southampton. UK


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Bulldog is undoubtedly the most comprehensive single resource available for b and d confusion, bursting with ready to print activities, games and worksheets and it's suitable for Windows and MAC Computers.

It is designed by a teacher (me) for all teachers, teaching assistants, home educators and caring parents (you). 10 years of teaching experience and a lifetime of first hand personal experience has gone into making this resource along with 1 year of testing and refining the activities for maximum motivation, fun and engagement for children.

I have spent hundreds of hours creating and testing Bulldog and I expect you are wondering why I can offer it at such a reasonable price. Teaching is a passion of mine and I want this to be affordable for all. Because this is a downloadable product that you print yourself, I can allow the price to be much much lower that it otherwise would be, so your child gets the education they deserve regardless of finances.


The full version:

Bulldog Letter Reversals for dyslexic children 5-12 year olds

OR the condensed version:

Bulldog Letter Reversals for 5-8 year olds

P.S.  Make sure you don't miss out on the bonus games in the KS2 Complete Dyslexia Pack!
P.P.S. KS2 Complete Dyslexia Pack also has a new memory technique for b and d!

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My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Even though this is a downloadable product and can't be returned, I'm so confident that you will be delighted with Bulldog that I’m offering you an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.