STOP 'b' and 'd' letter reversals NOW!

Is your child fed up, miserable and just plain confused?
at your wits end trying to help but they just don't get it?

Get your complimentary demo pack of b d letter reversal worksheets, games and activities.

Are you concerned that your child or the children in your class are confusing 'b' and 'd' as well?

I was in the same position as you about a year ago with my class.  So I decided to do some research to see what would help these children.

Almost a year later I have come up with some answers and a package to solve the problem.  I've put together what I've found so you don't have to spend your valuable time searching.  This free pack includes:

  • Complete demonstration pack themed around the adorable Bulldog character
  • Sample booklet to help your child today
  • Free subscription to my fortnightly newsletter about multisensory learning for dyslexia and dyscalculia (unsubscribe at any time).

Hello there from Sunny San Antonio, TX, USA!!! I want to say how thankful I am of your nice complimentary packet. I teach dyslexia using the Herman Method (mastery based) and I had two students that could not pass to next level because he could not pass the test that has a lot of b/d words (bib, bed, nib, cud, etc).  I made an intervention with the regular “bed” using their hands, and also we cut foam b's and d's for each of them to swap around and see the distinction of each letter. Nothing, it did not help. This is of course after regular intervention using the method. So I was desperate and ‘googled” dyslexia b/d/ reversals” and I came up with your website.  I was in such urgency that I used the complimentary packet and voila!  It worked at the first trial!   We completed the whole packet in about 1 hr and the girls were like “really???” (2nd grader and 4th grader).  But when they saw it helped them to pass the test they were soooo ecstatic and thankful that they finally pass the test.  So, like we say here in Texas – Howdy friends, Gracias amigos!! Thank you very much for your help.   So…. I showed the program to the reading interventionist and a 2nd grade teacher as well as the principal.   She suggested to buy the downloadable packet if district approves…. if not, I still will get it since is a great resource for now and ever!!!

Mrs. Ramirez, ESL/Dyslexia/504. Glad Tidings Academy, SATX USA.